New Look & New Content

I recently gave Cinebeats a  makeover. I’ve also begun the arduous task of moving 7 years of film writing for TCM/FilmStruck (some 400+ articles) to my blog but it’s going to take me months to complete the task. Like many others, I was also knocked for a loop when Photobucket decided to charge users $400 a year for their free service, which I can’t afford so … Continue reading New Look & New Content

Admission is Free at The Phantom Playhouse!

To celebrate Shocktober & the upcoming 10th anniversary of this blog I decided to create an extension of Cinebeats called The Phantom Playhouse devoted exclusively to horror cinema and all things dark, dreary, decadent and delightful. Horror has always been my favorite film genre and I write about it more than any other subject so I’ve collected 10 years of horror focused writing and organized … Continue reading Admission is Free at The Phantom Playhouse!

The National Film Registry: Little Big Man (1970)

I was recently honored to be contacted by an employee of the Library of Congress who told me that my 2010 essay on Arthur Penn’s controversial film LITTLE BIG MAN (1970) was selected by the National Film Preservation Board for inclusion in the National Film Registry. It was singled out as part of their ongoing work to “ensure the survival, conservation and increased public availability of … Continue reading The National Film Registry: Little Big Man (1970)

December at the Movie Morlocks

Links to my December 2014 posts at the TCM’s Movie Morlocks: Holiday Greetings from The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come! Excerpt: “Dickens’ novella was first conceived as a political pamphlet designed to arouse the public’s compassion for the plight of the poor but to his credit, the writer realized his strength was in storytelling so instead of hammering out a straightforward screed against social … Continue reading December at the Movie Morlocks

Goodnight Phyllis, We Love You

I was disappointed to learn that Phyliss Diller had passed away last week so I devoted my recent Movie Morlocks post to her titled, Goodnight Phyllis, We Love You. Here’s a brief excerpt from my post: The wife, mother and career woman who started life as Phyllis Ada Driver on July 17, 1917 didn’t share much in common with the funny character she created on … Continue reading Goodnight Phyllis, We Love You