H.R. Giger 1940-2014

I was disappointed to learn that H.R. Giger has died at age 74. He was a brilliant man and one of my favorite artists. In recent years he was still active and his work has been on my mind a lot following the release of PROMETHEUS (2012). I hoped that we’d get the opportunity to see more of his film production work before he left us.

Besides making incredible art and sculptures, Giger also dabbled in filmmaking with Swiss director Fredi M. Murer and they produced a number of short films based on Giger’s work including HEIMKILLER AND HIGH (1968) and SWISS MADE 2069 (1969). My favorite of Giger’s short film experiments is SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR (1976), which was a sort of funeral dirge for his first wife, actress Li Tobler, who committed suicide. It’s an eerie, esoteric and unsettling little slice of cinema that recalls scenes from some of my favorite horror films and it seems appropriate to share it here today.

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