Exploring the Warner Archives with Cinebeats

I've been preoccupied with holiday plans and while doing some Christmas shopping for myself I recently noticed that some of the films I've written about on Cinebeats over the last 6 years have been released on DVD by the fine folks at the Warner Archives. When I originally wrote about the films they were only available on VHS and the prints were often muddy or just plain awful so these new DVDs are particularly welcome. For easy reference I thought I'd compile a list of Warner Archive titles that have been featured at Cinebeats.

Occupy Cinema

In response to the worldwide Occupy movement I wanted to share some Occupy Cinema (Twitter hashtag #occupycinema) links with my readers that may offer a way for cinema lovers to take part in and support the movement. The ideas shared by the following sites might also inspire you to explore ways that you can use cinema as a positive activism tool in your own life.

Derek Jarman: An Appreciation

As a teenager growing up in the '80s it was impossible to overlook Derek Jarman's work. He was all over MTV. He was part of a group of British filmmakers that included Julien Temple and Alex Cox who made music videos or music inspired films that seemed particularly in-sync with their times. Jarman's work was interesting, experimental and demanding of its audience but I appreciated the challenges he presented.