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I was gutted by the news of Paul Naschy’s death today due to complications from cancer. He was 75 years old and had a very full and productive life but I didn’t realize he was so ill. Naschy directed and appeared in some of my favorite Spanish horror films and as I’ve mentioned before, I came up with the name for my blog thanks to one of the movies he directed and starred in. I had been going over blog names in my mind for a week back in 2006 and suddenly after watching Paul Naschy’s gothic horror extravaganza Panic Beats I was inspired to come up with the name for Cinebeats and the rest, as they say, is history.

If I wasn’t feeling so awful I’d write something more in-depth about the director and actor who I admired a lot. But after a year of notable deaths I’m more than a little burnt out and not all that motivated to write another obituary. Instead I’ll just share a clip from Paul Naschy’s last interview done for the DVD release of The Hanging Woman (1973), which was recently released by Troma.

To learn more about Paul Naschy visit The Mark of Naschy.

8 thoughts on “Paul Naschy 1934-2009

  1. I was shocked too while hearing it on the news an hour ago.. ;_;
    It’s a pity.., plus he didn’t get to see “La Herencia Valdemar” released.

    Today died the Horror films creator in Spain, like the news said.., so sad.

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  3. Sistinas – Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Naschy was a multi-talented man and I was sad to hear of his death. His work has been having a bit of a revival here in the US since many of his films are just being released here on DVD for the first time. I suspect his reputation will only grow in the coming years but it’s a shame he won’t be around to see it.

    Dantino – Thanks for the nice words about my site! I’m really particular now about who I exchange links with since I get a lot of requests lately but I’d be happy to exchange links with you since I took a look at “Cultmoviez” and liked what I saw. I don’t speak Spanish myself, but I hope my Spanish speaking readers will discover your site.

    I appreciate you both stopping by here today! It’s wonderful how films can bring people together from around the world. Cinema – like art – is a universal language that we all speak. 🙂

  4. Hi
    It’s not often I come away from your marvellous site feeling deflated, in fact it’s a first, but just having read of Paul Naschy’s sad passing I felt I should say something. He wasn’t just a giant in his field, he was a field all of his own. RIP Paul and thank you for the nightmares.

  5. Whaaaaat? This is the first I’ve heard about this. Naschy is one of my absolute heroes. A sad day indeed. 😦

  6. I just learned of this from your site. I have a couple Naschy films in my drafts folder over at the Uranium Cafe. Can’t remember exactly. Think they are The Loves of Dracula and The Werewolf vs The Vampire Women. Guess now would be a good time to get them finished and do a double feature post on this legend of European horror.

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