Gimme Gimme Glamour!


I didn’t get the opportunity to write about all the films and actress I wanted to cover during my previously announced Hammer Glamour Week so I’ve decided to extend it through the month of December. I’ll be posting about other topics as well since there’s a a few more things I want to share here before the end of the year including a final “Modern Monday” that will list all my favorite films of the past decade. In the meantime you can expect to see more Hammer and more Glamour here at Cinebeats.

In other news . . .

I recently created a Tumblr account where I can share vintage fashion images, videos and whatever crosses my path. If you visit me at Flickr you’re probably well aware of the fashion images I’ve been collecting there for years so I figured I might as well make use of them. I can’t promise any regular updates but I will post random stuff there whenever the inspiration strikes. Visit: Fashion Flashback @

9 thoughts on “Gimme Gimme Glamour!

  1. Looking forward to more of the Hammer Glamour posts…I ordered the book literally seconds after seeing your initial post about it. Just got it today. It’s awesomely delicious.


  2. I assume you’re going to write something about Martine Beswick, right? Right?? One of my two favorite Hammer beauty queens (along with the beloved Hazel Court) and the only one I was lucky enough to meet. As smart as she is beautiful.

  3. Bob – Glad you’re enjoying the book! It is “awesomely delicious” and easily one of my favorite books of the year.

    C. Jerry – Martine Beswick has long been a favorite of mine (as mildly witnessed here) so yep, I plan to write a bit about her.

  4. Kimberly, Tumblr is an interesting thing … I’ve got one, and haven’t figured out how to ma,e good use of it. Maybe I’ll dust it off …

  5. Rick – I like Tumblr a lot but I’m still getting used to it. It seems like shorter blogging methods are being used regularly now and I’m starting to appreciate them more and more with Twitter and Tumblr. I like how easy it is to share information at these sites without feeling obligated to post long article length pieces.

  6. And now a Tumblr account!? You are the Queen of the Internet Kimberly! I humbly bow before thee and your unrelenting creative energy.

  7. Scott – Love your illustrations and I hope you do more!

    Greg – Well, I occasionally work in “new media” (web/blog design) whenever I can find work (which is very rare these days) so I like to stay on top of new blogging tools and as I mentioned to Rick above, it seems like the nature of blogging is changing with tools like Twitter and Tumblr. I also think people’s attention spans are shrinking and they prefer to get small snippets of info or just look at images instead having to read anything lengthy. I don’t know how long my Tumblr experiment will last since it seems like most people update them everyday and I just can’t do that. It is a fun and easy to use blogging tool though! Especially if you just want to share images and videos.

  8. Hi Kim!

    Saw your post about the Hammer Glamour book and ordered it a week ago. Got the it the other day and have to say I agree with you that it should have been longer but I was happy with what I got.

    Thanks for putting me onto it.


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