Vidal Sassoon 1928-2012

The British hairdresser who helped define the look of the swinging sixties has died. He’s probably best remembered for giving Mia Farrow her pixie cut during the making of ROSEMARY’S BABY, which she wore for years but the stylist also created signature looks for ’60s super model Peggy Moffitt, designer Mary Quant and actresses like Nancy Kwan, Carol Channing and his wife Beverly Adams. I … Continue reading Vidal Sassoon 1928-2012

20 Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part I.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but overall 2008 was somewhat of a lackluster year for new Region 1 DVD releases of 1960s and 1970s era films when compared to the previous two years (See: 2006 and 2007). Some of my favorite DVD companies such as BCI Eclipse and most recently New Yorker Films have folded. Boutique DVD companies are releasing fewer … Continue reading 20 Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part I.

Film Criticism in the Age of the Internet

An unexpected email from a stranger encouraged me to pick up the latest issue of Cineaste (Fall 2008). The current issue contains a long piece entitled Film Criticism in the Age of the Internet: A Critical Symposium, which is also available online. I’ve become a bit weary of all the navel-gazing going on among film critics (and bloggers) lately but the piece in question offers … Continue reading Film Criticism in the Age of the Internet

Bits & Pieces

Elke Sommer and her bunny want to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend! Real world responsibilities, job hunting and a bad cold have been interfering with my writing and blog updates lately. I’m also going on a brief vacation tomorrow and I won’t return until Tuesday next week, but by then I should be feeling a lot better and you can expect me to start … Continue reading Bits & Pieces