Terence Young’s Red Sun (1971)

During the month of August TCM will play host to their annual Summer Under the Stars event and for the last few years I’ve been asked to participate in an in-house blogathon devoted to one actor who is being featured in their line-up. This year Toshiro Mifune is our man of honor and I was happy to be able to contribute a piece on one … Continue reading Terence Young’s Red Sun (1971)

Celebrating Father’s Day

Steve McQueen in THE GREAT ESCAPE (1963) Me and my dad (1972) From my latest at the Movie Morlocks: “I recently became an aunt again so I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately and with Father’s Day right around the corner I thought I’d share some thoughts about my own dad and how the movies we watched together helped make me the person I … Continue reading Celebrating Father’s Day


Every year I try to compile a list of my favorite new DVD releases. These lists tend to focus on films from the ’60s and ’70s since they’re my favorite film eras. This year I decided to expand my view a little and disregard limitations so I could share a varied list of all my favorite DVD releases with Movie Morlock readers. This list is … Continue reading FAVORITE DVD RELEASES OF 2010

The Magnificent Soundtrack

The sexiest group of cowboys ever? Hell yes! Over at the Movie Morlocks Blog I posted a brief piece about one of my favorite westerns, John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven (1960). It’s one of the earliest movies I can remember watching as a kid and falling in love with. I’m not sure why I was so drawn to The Magnificent Seven but I suspect it … Continue reading The Magnificent Soundtrack

Clint Eastwood in Swinging London

Clint Eastwood during the ’67 promotional tour in London for A Fistful of Dollars Over the last few years I’ve come across various photos taken during the promotional tour that Clint Eastwood did in London for the release of A Fistful of Dollars (Sergio Leone; 1967) and recently Cinema Retro uncovered an interview that Eastwood did with a British reporter during that same promo tour. … Continue reading Clint Eastwood in Swinging London

My Top 20 Favorite Films of 1968

At the Britannica blog Raymond Benson has finished listing off his Top 10 Favorite Films of 1968 so if you’re interested in the final results stop by and give them a look. I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions how much I dislike making lists of favorite films myself since they’re limited by what I’ve seen and are subject to change at anytime. Roger Ebert recently asked … Continue reading My Top 20 Favorite Films of 1968

A Double Dose of William Beaudine

When I was a kid I often spent my weekends watching double features that played on television as part of the “Monster Matinee” and I thought I’d write about one I can vividly remember seeing for the Double Bill-a-thon currently running at Broken Projector. I watched a lot of great double features on the Monster Matinee show during the late seventies and lots of forgettable … Continue reading A Double Dose of William Beaudine