Experience Rod Serling for Free!

I'm currently busy writing about some of my favorite Post-1966 Elizabeth Taylor films, but I wanted to share some fantastic news I stumbled across while I was roaming around online. Two of my favorite television shows from the ‘60s and ‘70s are Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone (1959-64) and Night Gallery (1970-73). CBS and NBC … Continue reading Experience Rod Serling for Free!

Battle Sequence 003: Condorman (1975)

The third clip in Cinebeats' ongoing Battle Sequence Series is from Condorman : Symbol of Justice (Seigi no shinboru Kondoruman). Condorman was an entertaining action-packed tokuatsu series created by the great Kôhan Kawauchi (aka Yasunori Kawauchi), which aired on Japanese television in 1975. Kawauchi is responsible for creating the first Japanese superhero television show in … Continue reading Battle Sequence 003: Condorman (1975)

Battle Sequence 002: Fireman (1973)

Fireman (aka Faiyâman/Magma Man) is an interesting tokusatsu series featuring a kyodai hero (giant hero) that aired in Japan on Nippon Television in 1973. It was made by Tsuburaya Productions, who was also responsible for the popular Ultraman series and Fireman had many things in common with that show. In the series, the handsome Japanese … Continue reading Battle Sequence 002: Fireman (1973)