RIP Ted V. Mikels 1929-2016

Heartbroken to learn that Ted V. Mikels has died. I loved his work, warts and all, and have written about my appreciation for the man in the past. He was an incredibly colorful character and one of Hollywood’s last real showmen. I had the opportunity to exchange brief notes with him once and he was very warm and kind. Genuinely grateful that I took his … Continue reading RIP Ted V. Mikels 1929-2016

I Love You, Ted V. Mikels!

I’m not in the Directors’ Guild, not in any guild. I just don’t want anyone telling me what to do, or what I can not do. – Ted V. Mikels

I’ve expressed my admiration for B-movie maestro Ted. V. Mikels before when discussing the life of Mikels’ starlet Tura Satana as well as Mikels’ ode to go-go dancing, Girl in Gold Boots (1968). He’s my favorite purveyor of American no-budget movies and if you haven’t experienced a Mikels’ film yet you should stop reading this and go visit his official website the Wild World of Ted V. Mikels. At age 80 Mr. Mikels is still going strong and you can find autographed DVDs of many of his films for sale there.

So why this sudden outburst of love for Ted. V. Mikels? Today is the final day of The Spirit of Ed Wood Blogathon and Mikels career as a director, cinematographer, writer, producer and actor is comparable to Ed Wood’s. Mikels even worked with Wood on the film Orgy of the Dead (1965). So I thought I’d share a trailer from Mikels’ film The Astro Zombies (1965) as a reminder that The Spirit of Ed Wood Blogathon ends today. If you haven’t contributed yet you still have time (at least according to the West Coast clock I’m on) or if you just want to check out the final results you can find them at Cinema Styles.

Trailer for The Astro-Zombies (1968)

More words of wisdom from Mr. Mikels:

The easiest thing is making the film. The toughest thing is getting the money, the second toughest is getting it back. – Ted V. Mikels

It takes your guts and your entrails and your soul to make a film. It takes everything you possess within you! – Ted V. Mikels

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The Misadventures Of A Go-Go Girl

“It’s all here! The happy fun times. And the crazy turned-on dangerous times.” If the movies have taught me anything at all about life it is this: a lot of young women dream about becoming professional dancers. Some want to be celebrated ballet stars or high-kicking Rockettes. Others are eager to become trophy-winning ballroom dancers or well-paid strippers. In Ted V. Mikels swinging sixties B-movie … Continue reading The Misadventures Of A Go-Go Girl

Tura Satana – An American Icon

Tura Satana in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) Real bad girls who are beautiful as well as dangerous, are hard to come by. There are plenty of attractive and talented actresses who “play” action heroines in the movies but few seem like they can really hold their own off the set. They use stunt doubles for their action scenes and special effects to cover up … Continue reading Tura Satana – An American Icon