The Adventures of Superchick

She’s made a fine art of playing around! Mayday (Uschi Digard), Sims (Junero Jennings) and Tara (Joyce Jillson) at a pot party in Superchick One of my favorite sexploitation films from the seventies is Ed Forsyth’s Superchick (1973). Superchick is not a great film, and if the IMDb ratings are any indication most people don’t even think it’s worth watching but it’s one of the … Continue reading The Adventures of Superchick

My Grindhouse Double Feature

No, I’m not talking about that new over hyped Tarantino/Rodriguez flick that critics are drooling over and will no doubt be #10 on the IMDb Top 250 movie list by Monday. Who needs phony scratches on a 50 million dollar movie when you can watch the real thing? Believe me when I tell you that there are millions of no-budget movies you’ve never seen filled … Continue reading My Grindhouse Double Feature

Cinedelica News

Espionage in Tangier (1965) & Cool, It Carol! (1970) Just wanted to remind any readers who might visit this blog that I’m also a regular contributor to Cinedelica, which is a great international site with lots of information about cult films. My most recent contributions were DVD reviews for the new eurospy Drive-In Double Feature: Assassination in Rome (1965) / Espionage in Tangier (1965), from … Continue reading Cinedelica News