Sean Connery is celebrating his 81st birthday today so I thought it would be a great time to share my appreciation for his terrific performance in Basil Dearden’s entertaining thriller, WOMAN OF STRAW (1964). The handsome Scottish actor with a deep gravelly voice and piercing dark eyes has appeared in more than 65 films during … Continue reading WOMAN OF STRAW (1964)


Who doesn’t like Michael Caine? It’s hard to imagine that there are any film fanatics alive who don’t appreciate at least one or two of the 123 films that he’s appeared in. I happen to love the bespectacled British actor and today TCM will be airing a batch of films he appeared in as part … Continue reading A FEW FUN FACTS ABOUT MICHAEL CAINE

Sean Connery in Woman of Straw (1964)

Sean Connery in a promotional shot from WOMAN OF STRAW (1964) I'm celebrating Sean Connery's 81st birthday today over at the Movie Morlocks with a look at his performance in WOMAN OF STRAW (1964). A brief excerpt from my post: "What I admire most about Connery’s memorable performance in WOMAN OF STRAW is the way … Continue reading Sean Connery in Woman of Straw (1964)

20 Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part I.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but overall 2008 was somewhat of a lackluster year for new Region 1 DVD releases of 1960s and 1970s era films when compared to the previous two years (See: 2006 and 2007). Some of my favorite DVD companies such as BCI Eclipse and most recently New … Continue reading 20 Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part I.

Vive La France!

The Cannes Film Festival turns 60 this week and that's reason enough to celebrate all things fabulous and French, so I plan on doing just that throughout the next week until the festival wraps up. I haven't come across many books written about the early days of Cannes but I can recommend Cannes - Fifty … Continue reading Vive La France!