2013 at the Movie Morlocks

Jess Franco 1930-2013 What follows is a collection of links to some of my posts at TCM's Movie Morlocks from 2013. These are (in my estimation) the best and most interesting articles I wrote last year but you can read my entire output for 2013 at the Movie Morlocks if you peruse the archives. From … Continue reading 2013 at the Movie Morlocks

Seth Holt’s DANGER ROUTE (1967)

Top: Richard Johnson and Carol Lynley Bottom: Barbara Bouchet and Diana Dors After hearing the news about John Walker's death recently I started thinking a lot about '60s spy films and I got the urge to watch Deadlier Than the Male (1967) again. Afterward I started obsessing over the male lead, Richard Johnson. I've always … Continue reading Seth Holt’s DANGER ROUTE (1967)

The Enchantress and The Hag

Rosanna Schiaffino and Sarah Ferrati in The Witch (1966) There are few witches as beautiful and beguiling as Rosanna Schiaffino or as sinister and threatening as Sarah Ferrati in Damiano Damiani's The Witch (or more correctly, The Witch in Love) aka La strega in amore (1966). In this leisurely paced Italian horror film based on … Continue reading The Enchantress and The Hag

Cinedelica News

I've been reviewing lots of DVDs over at Cinedelica recently. If you're looking for some new films to watch I highly recommend giving Cinedelica a look. You'll find reviews there for lots of cult films and movies that are not covered much by other sources. I've recently reviewed the entertaining British slasher film The Comeback … Continue reading Cinedelica News