“There’s something terrible about reality and I don’t know what it is.” – Giuliana (Monica Vitti) Modern malaise and alienation are two themes that Michelangelo Antonioni (L’Avventura [1960], La notte[1961], L’eclisse [1962]) returned to repeatedly throughout the 1960s. In Red Desert (1964), which is currently streaming on FilmStruck and available on DVD and Blu-ray from Criterion, these ideas find expression in Italy’s postwar industrial landscape and in Monica Vitti’s large eyes. Vitti … Continue reading SURVEYING THE RED DESERT (1964)

British New Wave Mondays In March On TCM

Top: Tom Courtenay & Julie Christie in BILLY LIAR (1963) Middle: Richard Lester, John Schlesinger & Tony Richardson Bottom: Richard Harris & Rachel Roberts in THIS SPORTING LIFE (1963) I recently took a quick look through my blog archives and discovered that I’ve written about British Cinema more than any other topic. I shouldn’t have been surprised because the truth is that I adore British … Continue reading British New Wave Mondays In March On TCM

Celebrity Vinyl

My latest post at TCM’s Movie Morlocks takes a look at some of my favorite celebrity albums recorded by classic film stars. Did you know Robert Mitchum recorded a calypso album? Have you ever heard Eddie Albert sing a Bob Dylan song? Or listened to Dirk Bogarde talk his way through “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”? These are just a few of the celebrity albums … Continue reading Celebrity Vinyl

They said WHAT?!

Dirk Bograde & Monica Vittii in Modesty Blaise (1966) From my latest piece at the the Movie Morlocks: “In June actor Harrison Ford made news after publicly calling, Shia LaBeouf, his young costar from INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (Steven Spielberg; 2008) “…a f–king idiot.” Since then I’ve been thinking about insults that actors have hurled at other actors over the … Continue reading They said WHAT?!

Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part II

Apologies for the long delay! My annual list of Favorite DVDs always takes longer to compile than I expect it will. You can find the first part of this list here. Now on to Part II #11-20 . . . Cornel Wilde in The Naked Prey (1966) 11. The Naked Prey (Criterion) You can read my my thoughts about The Naked Prey here. Bette Davis … Continue reading Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part II

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II.

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II. – Top 30 DVDs #1-10. Black Test Car (1962) Black Test Car (Fantoma) Yasuzo Masumura is one of my favorite Japanese directors, but unfortunately many of his films are unavailable on DVD and have never been seen outside of Japan. Thankfully Fantoma has been making an effort to release many of Masumura’s films and in 2007 they released … Continue reading Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II.

DVD of the Week: This Sporting Life (1963)

I was hoping I’d get the chance to watch the new Criterion release of Lindsay Anderson’s This Sporting Life (1963) this week, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to. Since I’ve seen the film before and I have great respect for it, I really have no problem recommending the new Criterion disc. It promises to be one of the best DVD releases of the … Continue reading DVD of the Week: This Sporting Life (1963)

Richard Harris Sings!

Richard Harris in one of his many Nehru style jackets he designed himself (1968) Blame TCM for recently showing Lindsay Anderson’s brilliant This Sporting Life (1963), blame the wonderful Colin for sending me a copy of Richard Harris’s 1968 album A Tramp Shining as an early Christmas gift and last but not least, blame The Simpsons for parodying one of my favorite musical numbers from … Continue reading Richard Harris Sings!