The Eyes Have It

My blogging buddy Peter Nellhaus over at Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee has asked me to contribute my own list of "20 Favorite Actresses" to a new film meme making the rounds of the blogosphere. Frankly I was just going to blow him off and ignore his request because these meme things tend to make … Continue reading The Eyes Have It

The Third Secret (1964)

After watching countless thrillers over the years I'm not often surprised by a movie anymore, but Charles Critchon's exceptional film The Third Secret (1964) really caught me off guard and impressed me with its compelling storyline and dramatic cinematography. In some ways it's a very old fashioned mystery and the film looks like it could … Continue reading The Third Secret (1964)

Seth Holt’s The Nanny (1965)

Evil nannies that are determined to harm the innocent children they care for have become a popular recurring menace in many horror films over the years and last week one of the best nasty nanny movies was finally released on DVD for the first time. I originally saw Seth Holt's chilling British thriller The Nanny … Continue reading Seth Holt’s The Nanny (1965)