“The only performance that makes it…that really makes it…that makes it all the way…is the one that achieves madness.” – Turner aka Mick Jagger in Performance (1970) If someone asked me the proverbial question: “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?” I’d pledge my allegiance to the bad boys of rock and roll in an instant. The first concert I ever attended was a Rolling Stones’ show at Candlestick … Continue reading THE MANY ROLES OF MICK JAGGER

June & July at the Movie Morlocks

I haven’t been online much the last few months for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I’ve been having some medical problems with my left eye and spending lots of time on my computer reading, watching vids and writing can often be problematic. My eyes get easily irritated and I’m prone to headaches, etc. The other reason is simple net fatigue, particularly on social … Continue reading June & July at the Movie Morlocks

Old Rubber Lips

Tomorrow night TCM Underground will be airing one of my favorite films, Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg’s Performance (1970) starring The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger. I’ve spent a lot of time writing and thinking about Performance but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to express my affection for the movie again. In a post that I unimaginatively titled The Many Roles of Mick Jagger I … Continue reading Old Rubber Lips

31 Films That Give Me the Willies

Top: House with Laughing Windows (1976), Deep Red (1975) Middle: The Seventh Victim (1942) Bottom: Black Sabbath (1963), Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) I wasn’t going to participate in Ed Hardy’s 31 Flicks That Give You the Willies List due to suffering massive list-making burnout following the recent Favorite Foreign Language Film poll (which I still want to write about in more detail), but at … Continue reading 31 Films That Give Me the Willies

James Fox: Subverting Sexual Identity & Social Class in British Cinema

When critics discuss the movies James Fox starred in during the ’60s and early ’70s his costars often seem to overshadow him. This is somewhat understandable since Fox’s greatest films from that period feature amazing talents from the decade such as actor Dirk Bogarde and musician Mick Jagger. But Fox is an extremely talented and unique performer who possessed the uncanny ability to brilliantly portray … Continue reading James Fox: Subverting Sexual Identity & Social Class in British Cinema

Performance VHS VS DVD

I recently watched my 1985 Warner video of Performance as well as the new Warner DVD so I thought I’d share my first impressions and compare the new DVD to my old VHS tape. My 1985 video is the same “Rated R” print I saw playing in theaters in the early ’80s and I’m going to assume that it’s probably the same version of the … Continue reading Performance VHS VS DVD

The British are Coming to DVD Feb. 13th!

My DVD pick of the week is Donald Cammell & Nicolas Roeg’s groundbreaking British film Performance (originally filmed in 1968 and finally released in 1970) and an honorable mention must go to Tony Richardson’s The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962), which is another great British film finding it way onto DVD this week. Both movies are being released by Warner Home Video. My … Continue reading The British are Coming to DVD Feb. 13th!