Prometheus Unbound: Ridley Scott & Me

How much did I love Ridley Scott’s ALIEN (1979) after seeing it at the tender age of 11? Too much. The commercials for ALIEN terrified me and the film’s tagline (“In Space No One Can Hear You Scream”) sent unprecedented chills down my spine but I was determined to see it. I can’t remember how I convinced my mother to let me go to the … Continue reading Prometheus Unbound: Ridley Scott & Me

The Many Faces of Rochester

Top: Colin Clive and Orson Welles Bottom: George C. Scott and Michael Fassbender First I want to apologize for the lack of original content lately. I haven’t been feeling well and my computer’s been acting up so I’ve been neglecting Cinebeats. Hope to post a few more updates soon. In the meantime I recently watched the latest film adaptation of Jane Eyre (Cary Fukunaga; 2011) … Continue reading The Many Faces of Rochester

A Decade of Fear

It’s taken me a year but I’ve finally managed to compile a list of my Favorite Films of the Decade: 2000-2009 so I thought I’d share it. My introduction echoes some earlier thoughts about fear and cinema that I shared during Halloween and wanted to expand upon. Besides my alphabetical list of Favorite Films of the Decade I also compiled lists of some Favorite Documentaries, … Continue reading A Decade of Fear

Oscar 2010

Oscar night will soon be here and just like last year I plan on “Tweeting Live” during the show. If you want read my off-the cuff remarks during the Academy Awards you can follow my Oscar commentary on Twitter or read my Twitter updates as they appear here on my blog under “Twitter Updates.” There are only a couple of awards that I’m really excited … Continue reading Oscar 2010

A Look Back at 2009

2009 was an interesting year here at Cinebeats. It was the first year that I wrote about films made after 1979 and my blog traffic rose considerably because of it. While I appreciated the interest in my “Modern Monday” posts, I’m not planning on continuing with them in 2010. I do plan on sharing a complete list of my favorite films of the last decade … Continue reading A Look Back at 2009

Favorite Actor of 2009: Michael Fassbender

I’m still working on compiling a list of my list of Favorite Films of 2009 but my favorite actor of the year is Michael Fassbender. I was originally impressed with his performance in director Steve McQueen’s deeply moving film Hunger (2008) and like many US film critics I didn’t have the opportunity to see Hunger until this year. Hunger has easily made it onto my … Continue reading Favorite Actor of 2009: Michael Fassbender