The Fine Art of Fashion: Yves Saint Laurent

Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent, 1966 Since Flickhead’s Buñuel Blog-a-thon is sill going strong and I’ve clearly got Belle de Jour on my brain, I couldn’t resist sharing a few more brief thoughts about my favorite Louis Buñuel film. One of the most memorable things about Buñuel’s Belle de Jour is the fabulous fashions designed by Yves Saint Laurent and worn by the lovely … Continue reading The Fine Art of Fashion: Yves Saint Laurent

Ode to Marcel

Pierre Clementi in Belle de Jour (1967) “He had a legend, the aura of genius, a friend to the mysterious and the strange. I arrived full of holy terror and mad hope all at the same time. I was struck immediately by one thing, only one: he’s a man of whom you only see the face. The fabulous mouth, worked by life, heavily wrinkled skin, … Continue reading Ode to Marcel

What’s In the Box?

Critics and film scholars have spent countless hours analyzing Luis Buñuel’s film Belle de Jour (1967) and the mysterious Asian box that appears in one of the movies most memorable and erotic scenes. As someone who has read a lot of Marquis de Sade’s work, I’ve personally never seen the box as being very mysterious or profound so I thought I would share my own … Continue reading What’s In the Box?