Discussing THE DEVILS (1971) with Kevin Flanagan

Kevin M. Flanagan received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015 in English/Film studies (his dissertation: The British War Film, 1939-1980: Culture, History, and, Genre). A book based on this project is under contract with Palgrave (part of the Britain and the World series). Flanagan is also the editor of 2009’s Ken Russell: Re-Viewing England’s Last Mannerist and he contributed essays and an audio commentary to the … Continue reading Discussing THE DEVILS (1971) with Kevin Flanagan

Remembering Oliver Reed

Today should have been Oliver Reed’s 80th birthday but he left this world in 1999 at age 61. To celebrate the occasion I decided to compile a collection of links to various things I’ve written about the man and his work. Some are just bits and bobs while others are more thoughtful considerations of films he appeared in. Reed has been a constant figure of … Continue reading Remembering Oliver Reed

February & March at The Movie Morlocks

I’ve been neglecting Cinebeats again. Having a hard time getting back into the swing of things around here and other endeavors are keeping me from the blog. But I thought I’d finally update with a quick list of some highlights from my February & Mach contributions to TCM’s Movie Morlocks. You can read all the articles by following the links below. – Wanna Rumble? Excerpt: … Continue reading February & March at The Movie Morlocks

Ken Russell 1927-2011

The news about Ken Russell’s death hit me hard. Just last week the great man actually took the time to befriend me on Twitter (I’d been following him there for a year or more). I exchanged a brief note with him and got the opportunity to tell him I was honored that he had taken the time to follow me. And I hope that he knew he was one of my favorite directors. Continue reading Ken Russell 1927-2011


Controversial film director Ken Russell passed away suddenly this week at the age of 84. Russell has long been considered the bad boy of British cinema or the original ‘enfant terrible’ of the empire, but for almost as long as I can remember he’s been one of my favorite filmmakers. I was introduced to his work as a young pre-teen in the late 1970s after … Continue reading KEN RUSSELL: IN HIS OWN WORDS

Cinema Retro #21

The new issue of Cinema Retro arrived in my mail box this week, which prompted me to write a little something about the magazine for The Movie Morlocks. From my post: “The latest issue of Cinema Retro (Vol. 7: Issue #21) features an in-depth look at A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1970) from author Raymond Benson, which includes interviews with the film’s star, Malcolm McDowell and Stanley … Continue reading Cinema Retro #21

A Ken Russell Interlude

Just taking a brief break from putting the final touches on the last half of my Favorite DVDs of 2008 list and wanted to point out a few Ken Russell related reading and viewing suggestions. As I’ve mentioned before, Ken Russell is one of my favorite directors and with the recent unfortunate death of actress Natasha Richardson I’ve had his 1986 film Gothic on my … Continue reading A Ken Russell Interlude

DVD of the Week: The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)

In 1969, the talented British director Ken Russell impressed critics and audiences with his excellent film adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love. The film would go on to win many awards and inspire greater interest in D.H. Lawrence. It would also inspire other directors to try their hand at adapting Lawrence’s work. One of those directors was the 32-year-old Christopher Miles, a talented, but … Continue reading DVD of the Week: The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)

An Ann-Margret Retrospective

Happy Birthday, Ann-Margret! My favorite redhead was born on April 28 in 1941 and yesterday she celebrated her 66th birthday. To celebrate I thought I’d post an overview of some of the best films Ann-Margret made during the sixties and seventies as well as share some thoughts about her life and her work. Ann-Margret got her start in showbiz when she was 19-years-old after being … Continue reading An Ann-Margret Retrospective

They gave their souls to Hell… but the Devil wanted MORE!

Alucarda is an extremely stylish Mexican horror film made by the talented Juan Lopez Moctezuma in 1975, who also directed The Mansion of Madness and produced two of renowned director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s early film’s (Fando & Lis and El Topo). Moctezuma’s Alucarda is an interesting mix of Ken Russell’s The Devils as well as The Exorcist and Stephen King’s Carrie which was published a year … Continue reading They gave their souls to Hell… but the Devil wanted MORE!