Favorite Films & Performances of 2014

* IMPORTANT: Before you read any further please remember that ALL films, directors, actors, etc. are listed ALPHABETICALLY on my LISTS and BALLOTS and not in order of favoritism/status. * Today the Oscar nominations were announced and it seems like a good time to share my 15 Favorite Films of 2014, which I recently posted at the Movie Morlocks along with detailed notes but I … Continue reading Favorite Films & Performances of 2014

A Decade of Fear

It’s taken me a year but I’ve finally managed to compile a list of my Favorite Films of the Decade: 2000-2009 so I thought I’d share it. My introduction echoes some earlier thoughts about fear and cinema that I shared during Halloween and wanted to expand upon. Besides my alphabetical list of Favorite Films of the Decade I also compiled lists of some Favorite Documentaries, … Continue reading A Decade of Fear

A Look Back at 2009

2009 was an interesting year here at Cinebeats. It was the first year that I wrote about films made after 1979 and my blog traffic rose considerably because of it. While I appreciated the interest in my “Modern Monday” posts, I’m not planning on continuing with them in 2010. I do plan on sharing a complete list of my favorite films of the last decade … Continue reading A Look Back at 2009

Modern Mondays

Cinebeats was recently mentioned (along with fellow bloggers Forward to Yesterday and Self-Styled Siren) in a piece by Danny Leigh for The UK Gaurdian titled The View: Why we love being stuck in the past.



Top: Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch; 1984)
Middle: Velvet Goldmine (Todd Haynes; 1998)
Bottom: Felicia’s Journey (Atom Egoyan; 1999)

In Leigh’s extremely thoughtful and well-written piece he discusses how the DVD age has made it much easier for film enthusiasts to loose themselves in the many forgotten pleasures of the past and in turn, forsake modern cinema. As much as I’m deeply flattered to have Cinebeats mentioned in Leigh’s piece, the ideas that he explores in his article are somewhat problematic for someone like myself who isn’t afraid or ashamed to call herself a “cinephile.”

Continue reading “Modern Mondays”

Lee Marvin on John Ford

Lee Marvin as Liberty Valance (1962) Vincent has kick-started his ongoing John Ford Blog-a-thon which lasts all week and ends July 9th. His blog is French, but he welcomes readers and blog-a-thon contributors from around the globe. In all honesty I haven’t seen a lot of John Ford’s films myself but my favorites are Mogambo (1953), The Searchers (1956), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance … Continue reading Lee Marvin on John Ford