We live in the age of remakes and prequels. Every month Hollywood rolls out an easily recognizable title that’s been repackaged and recast with a plot that’s all too familiar. The horror and science fiction genre has been hit the hardest by these reimagined movies that all too often fall extremely short of the original … Continue reading REIMAGINING A CLASSIC: WERNER HERZOG’S NOSFERATU

Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu

I promised more Kinski and now I'm delivering... Over at the Movie Morlocks you can find my recent post on Werner Herzog's 1979 film NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE. It's one of my favorite Herzog films and I think it contains one of Klaus Kinski's most compelling performances. This modern reimagining of F. W. Murnau's NOSFERATU (1922) … Continue reading Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu

The Eyes Have It

My blogging buddy Peter Nellhaus over at Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee has asked me to contribute my own list of "20 Favorite Actresses" to a new film meme making the rounds of the blogosphere. Frankly I was just going to blow him off and ignore his request because these meme things tend to make … Continue reading The Eyes Have It

Isabelle Adjani – Making Art Out of Madness

This is all very funny. Today I am a star - and tomorrow? - Isabelle Adjani, 1977 One of my favorite actresses is the stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented Isabelle Adjani. Like many lovely actresses, it would have been easy for Adjani to take glamourous roles during her lifetime that accentuated her beauty and relied … Continue reading Isabelle Adjani – Making Art Out of Madness