SPY GAMES: Frank Tashlin & Doris Day Go Undercover

In the late 1960s Doris Day starred in two spy spoofs directed by Frank Tashlin; THE GLASS BOTTOM BOAT(1967) and CAPRICE (1968). At the time Day was 43-years-old and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars but her career was in sharp decline. Critics seemed to relish taking potshots at the movies she appeared in while launching full-blown attacks on her squeaky-clean image. Day was commonly referred to as “the … Continue reading SPY GAMES: Frank Tashlin & Doris Day Go Undercover


She can sing, she can dance, she can act and she can make us laugh. She’s been directed by many recognizable talents including Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Curtiz, Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, Delbert Mann, Norman Jewison, George Seaton, and Frank Tashlin. And some of her most notable costars include famous names Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Jack Lemmon, David … Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DORIS!


I have a confession to make. I like dolls. A lot. I’ve been a casual collector for many years and I’ve also written about dolls for a few publications. I usually keep my fascination with classic films and dolls separate but it’s not easy trying to compartmentalize your interests. The film fans I’ve met often find dolls childish, trivial or just plain creepy. And the … Continue reading BARBIE GOES HOLLYWOOD

April & May at The Movie Morlocks

Highlights from my April & May contributions to TCM’s Movie Morlocks. You can read all the articles by following the links below: – Happy Birthday Doris! Excerpt: “The legacy of this vivacious movie star, popular vocalist, television personality and animal rights advocate is truly unparalleled. And knowing Doris Day’s is still here with us doing good work that benefits us all is something worth celebrating!” … Continue reading April & May at The Movie Morlocks

Barbie Goes Hollywood

This week at the Movie Morlocks I discuss the latest classic film themed Barbie dolls from Mattel. A brief paragraph from my post: “For more than 50 years Mattel has been making pop culture history and their celebrity Barbie dolls have become highly collectible. It all started in 1967 when Mattel decided to create a Twiggy Barbie based on the famous British model and actress. … Continue reading Barbie Goes Hollywood

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II.

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II. – Top 30 DVDs #1-10. Black Test Car (1962) Black Test Car (Fantoma) Yasuzo Masumura is one of my favorite Japanese directors, but unfortunately many of his films are unavailable on DVD and have never been seen outside of Japan. Thankfully Fantoma has been making an effort to release many of Masumura’s films and in 2007 they released … Continue reading Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II.

In Praise of Doris Day

For most of my life I’ve disliked Doris Day. Doris was one of my mother’s favorite actresses and when I was a kid I had to sit through all the romantic comedies she made with Rock Hudson and James Garner numerous times but they never really appealed to me when I was growing up. Doris was always too blond, perky and cheerful for my liking … Continue reading In Praise of Doris Day

Cinema Retro #10

A new issue of the British film magazine Cinema Retro arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it might be my favorite issue yet. I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, but flipping through a new issue of Cinema Retro overstuffed with fantastic color photos from ’60s and ’70s era films can cheer me right up. I’m tempted to refer to issue #10 as the “Blond … Continue reading Cinema Retro #10