The Enchantress and The Hag

Rosanna Schiaffino and Sarah Ferrati in The Witch (1966) There are few witches as beautiful and beguiling as Rosanna Schiaffino or as sinister and threatening as Sarah Ferrati in Damiano Damiani’s The Witch (or more correctly, The Witch in Love) aka La strega in amore (1966). In this leisurely paced Italian horror film based on a novel by Carlos Fuentes, Rosanna Schiaffino plays Aura, the … Continue reading The Enchantress and The Hag

A Spaghetti Western Top Ten

I love Spaghetti Westerns. The best ones are what I would call “gothic westerns” since they combine some of the best aspects of Italian gothic horror films and literature with classic American westerns and western novels. They are filled with high drama but laced with subtlety. They offer romantic views of the west but they’re often very dark and at times even frightening. Suspense, death, … Continue reading A Spaghetti Western Top Ten

A Bullet Doesn’t Care Who It Kills

Like the Bandit… Like the Gringo… A bullet doesn’t care who it kills! Blue Underground recently re-released the excellent spaghetti western A Bullet for the General (El Chuncho, quien sabe?, 1966) on DVD and I thought I’d take some time to write about the film since it’s one of my favorite westerns. The movie begins as a young American “gringo” named Bill (Lou Castel) is … Continue reading A Bullet Doesn’t Care Who It Kills