Spotlight on Koji Wakamatsu

Images from Koji Wakamatsu's Go, Go Second Time Virgin (1969) I recently reviewed Koji Wakamatsu's impressive Go, Go Second Time Virgin (1969) for Cinedelica. If you're interested in Japanese avant-garde cinema and pink films, I highly recommend giving Koji Wakamatsu's films a look. I've also recently been helping Michael over at his excellent French language … Continue reading Spotlight on Koji Wakamatsu

Cinedelica News

I've been reviewing lots of DVDs over at Cinedelica recently. If you're looking for some new films to watch I highly recommend giving Cinedelica a look. You'll find reviews there for lots of cult films and movies that are not covered much by other sources. I've recently reviewed the entertaining British slasher film The Comeback … Continue reading Cinedelica News

Perversion Story

I don't know if I'll get around to writing about all the Lucio Fulci films that have recently been released and re-released on DVD anytime soon, but I recently wrote about Fulci's Perversion Story (Una sull'altra, 1969) for Cinedelica which was released by Severin Films late last month. Perversion Story is a great erotic thriller … Continue reading Perversion Story

Cinedelica News

Espionage in Tangier (1965) & Cool, It Carol! (1970) Just wanted to remind any readers who might visit this blog that I'm also a regular contributor to Cinedelica, which is a great international site with lots of information about cult films. My most recent contributions were DVD reviews for the new eurospy Drive-In Double Feature: … Continue reading Cinedelica News