Henry Miller – Asleep & Awake (1975)

“I’m excited by film. It’s one of the freest, most effective means of expression. Especially in the realm of dream and fantasy! What wonders, what joys it may hold in store for us! Some day film may replace literature.” - Henry Miller One of my favorite writers is Henry Miller, who I happen to share … Continue reading Henry Miller – Asleep & Awake (1975)

Celebrating Cannes 60th At Home

Like many people I would love to be in France this weekend, but I'll have to settle for celebrating Cannes 60th Anniversary in the privacy of my own home. In true armchair traveler fashion I thought I'd share some tips on how you can throw your own 1960s-1970s style Cannes Festival at home for yourself … Continue reading Celebrating Cannes 60th At Home

Vive La France!

The Cannes Film Festival turns 60 this week and that's reason enough to celebrate all things fabulous and French, so I plan on doing just that throughout the next week until the festival wraps up. I haven't come across many books written about the early days of Cannes but I can recommend Cannes - Fifty … Continue reading Vive La France!