Introducing Laurence Harvey

I recently watched the British horror movie House of Darkness (Oswald Mitchell; 1948), which features Laurence Harvey in his very first film role. Harvey’s one of my favorite actors but I haven’t had the opportunity to write about him much so I decided to rectify that this week by including a lot of background information about Harvey in a review of House of Darkness for … Continue reading Introducing Laurence Harvey

Freddie Francis’ Girly (1969)

Howard Trevor, Ursula Howells, Vanessa Howard & Pat Heywood in Freddie Francis’ Girly (1969) Creepy families with murderous intentions have become a staple of horror cinema. Most recently directors like Rob Zombie have attempted to cash in on this long standing tradition with films like House of 1000 Corpses (2003) and The Devil’s Rejects (2005), but long before Rob ever stood behind a camera other … Continue reading Freddie Francis’ Girly (1969)

New John Dankworth Compilation

Laurence Harvey, Julie Christie & Dirk Bogarde in Darling (1965) During the recent Dirk Bogarde movie marathon on TCM I ended up watching John Schlesinger’s Darling (1965) again which stars Dirk Bogarde along with the wonderful Julie Christie and jaw-droppingly gorgeous Laurence Harvey. I’ve seen the film many times before but I love all three of the film’s stars so I never get tired of … Continue reading New John Dankworth Compilation

Spend Your Day With Dirk Bogarde

All summer long Turner Classic Movies is celebrating various actors with their ongoing “Summer Under the Stars” series. But August 10th is truly something to celebrate. Today TCM will be running films that feature one of my all-time favorite actors, the extraordinarily talented and incredibly handsome Dirk Bogarde. This would be worthy of mention no matter what films they were showing, but TCM has gone … Continue reading Spend Your Day With Dirk Bogarde

Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part II

Apologies for the long delay! My annual list of Favorite DVDs always takes longer to compile than I expect it will. You can find the first part of this list here. Now on to Part II #11-20 . . . Cornel Wilde in The Naked Prey (1966) 11. The Naked Prey (Criterion) You can read my my thoughts about The Naked Prey here. Bette Davis … Continue reading Favorite DVD Releases of 2008: Part II

The Mod Musicals of Lance Comfort

Top: David Hemmings and Steve Marriott Bottom: Jennifer Moss and Heinz Burt I recently watched two entertaining and important musicals directed by British B-movie maven Lance Comfort called Live It Up! (1963) and its sequel Be My Guest (1964), which are currently available on DVD from Guillotine Films. After my failed attempts at finding any good articles about these films available online I figured I’d … Continue reading The Mod Musicals of Lance Comfort

Seth Holt’s The Nanny (1965)

Evil nannies that are determined to harm the innocent children they care for have become a popular recurring menace in many horror films over the years and last week one of the best nasty nanny movies was finally released on DVD for the first time. I originally saw Seth Holt’s chilling British thriller The Nanny (1965) when I was just a kid and it terrified … Continue reading Seth Holt’s The Nanny (1965)

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part III.

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part III. – Top 30 DVDs #11-20. John Savage in The Killing Kind (1973) The Killing Kind (Dark Sky Films) Please see my brief look at this Curtis Harrington film HERE. Latitude Zero (1969) Latitude Zero (Dub Sub) (Media Blasters) Please see my review of Ishiro Honda’s Latitude Zero HERE. Legends of the Poisonous Seductress #1: Female Demon Ohyaku (1969) … Continue reading Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part III.

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II.

Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II. – Top 30 DVDs #1-10. Black Test Car (1962) Black Test Car (Fantoma) Yasuzo Masumura is one of my favorite Japanese directors, but unfortunately many of his films are unavailable on DVD and have never been seen outside of Japan. Thankfully Fantoma has been making an effort to release many of Masumura’s films and in 2007 they released … Continue reading Favorite DVD Releases of 2007: Part II.

DVD of the Week: This Sporting Life (1963)

I was hoping I’d get the chance to watch the new Criterion release of Lindsay Anderson’s This Sporting Life (1963) this week, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to. Since I’ve seen the film before and I have great respect for it, I really have no problem recommending the new Criterion disc. It promises to be one of the best DVD releases of the … Continue reading DVD of the Week: This Sporting Life (1963)