In recent years the exciting world of Bollywood cinema has been slowly gaining the interest and admiration of western audiences. The popularity of Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (2008) along with the rising interest in Indian actors like Naveen Andrews (LOST, BRIDE & PREJUDICE, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, BOMBAY BOYS, etc.) seems to have gained Bollywood movies a larger American audience that is willing to put aside cultural differences … Continue reading THE ART OF BOLLYWOOD

Celebrating Asian Film Artists

May is Asian Heritage Month or to be more exact, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. To celebrate I decided to collect links to some of the Asian films, filmmakers and actors that I’ve written about. I’m particularly fond of Japanese cinema so my writing reflects this but I’ve also written about Hong Kong and Bollywood films as well. This is a master list … Continue reading Celebrating Asian Film Artists

Shammi Kapoor 1931-2011

From India comes the sad news that the beloved Bollywood star Shammi Kapoor has died at age 79 due to kidney failure. Kapoor has been called the “Bollywood Elvis” and his films helped define the swinging sixties in India. I’ve only seen a few of the movies that Shammi Kapoor appeared in but An Evening in Paris (1967) is a personal favorite. It features some … Continue reading Shammi Kapoor 1931-2011

The Art of Bollywood

Movie poster for Free Love (Batra Kaushalraj; 1974) Taschen recently released a wonderful book called The Art of Bollywood that collects some rare and colorful posters for Bollywood films. I own several Bollywood movie poster books already because I love the artwork but this is is probably the best of the bunch due to the detailed information it provides. My review of the book can … Continue reading The Art of Bollywood

The Award Season

2009 is shaping up to be an unusual year and for the past couple of months I’ve been on a roller coaster ride that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Between job losses, car accidents, births, deaths, watching my neighborhood disintegrate due to the crumbling economy and doing battle with some mysterious illness, I haven’t had much free time for blogging. With Cinebeats … Continue reading The Award Season

Amitabh is my God

The great actor Amitabh Bachchan (the “Big B”) starred in many of the best Bollywood films produced in India during the ’70s and he has millions of devoted fans all over the world. There is probably no actor more loved and respected in India and since I love Amitabh too, I couldn’t resist sharing this bit of news from MSN Entertainment. Recently one of Amitabh … Continue reading Amitabh is my God

Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls

“I could never walk on the streets. I had to wear a veil.They used to go berserk when they saw me.” – Helen Today I thought I would do something that I’ve been eager to do for awhile and that is celebrate the work of my favorite Bollywood star, the stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented Helen. Helen is known to most Bollywood fans by one … Continue reading Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls

My First Curry Western: Sholay (1975)

Over the weekend I had the chance to watch Sholay (1975), which was my introduction to curry westerns. I enjoy 1960s-70s Bollywood films, but I’ve only seen a limited amount and the ones I have seen tend to be crime, caper or horror films. Since I love spaghetti westerns and have seen plenty of them over the years, I figured it was time to spread … Continue reading My First Curry Western: Sholay (1975)