Remembering Barbara Shelley 1932-2020

“This world is the nurse of all we know, This world is the mother of all we feel, And the coming of death is a fearful blow To a brain unencompass’d by nerves of steel: When all that we know, or feel, or see, Shall pass like an unreal mystery.” – Percy Shelley, ‘On Death’ (1816) I was deeply saddened to learn that my favorite … Continue reading Remembering Barbara Shelley 1932-2020

The First Leading Lady of British Horror

Like many of my fellow Americans, I’m enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday so I’ve been distracted by family, good food, and drink. But I wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on the First Leading Lady of British Horror. Barbara Shelley (who happens to share her name with one of my favorite poets) starred in no less than eight Hammer films that I’m aware … Continue reading The First Leading Lady of British Horror

Ghost Story (1974) Comes to DVD

Horror film lovers and Marianne Faithfull fans can rejoice! Stephen Weeks’ spooky British thriller Ghost Story (1974) is finally coming to DVD on November 16th from Nucleus Films in the UK. It will only be available in Britain as a Region 2 PAL disc but if you happen to own an all-region DVD player like myself, I recommend getting yourself a copy. Hopefully, the film … Continue reading Ghost Story (1974) Comes to DVD

The Eyes Have It

My blogging buddy Peter Nellhaus over at Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee has asked me to contribute my own list of “20 Favorite Actresses” to a new film meme making the rounds of the blogosphere. Frankly I was just going to blow him off and ignore his request because these meme things tend to make me nuts but Peter is too nice a guy to … Continue reading The Eyes Have It

Stephen Weeks’ Ghost Story (1974)

Marianne Faithfull in Ghost Story (1974) Ghost Story (aka Madhouse Mansion) is an interesting low-budget independent horror film made in 1974 by the British director and producer Stephen Weeks. The film tells the story of a small group of privileged young men in the 1930s that gather together for a weekend in the country at a sprawling British estate. As soon as they arrive personality … Continue reading Stephen Weeks’ Ghost Story (1974)

The Lady is a Vamp!

Hammer Studios is responsible for some of the greatest horror films ever made but many critics wouldn’t consider the acting in them noteworthy and that’s a shame. Believe me when I say that you can find plenty of impressive performances in many Hammer productions if you go looking for them and one of my favorites is Barbara Shelley’s incredible turn as Helen in Dracula: Prince … Continue reading The Lady is a Vamp!

Hammer Thrills & Chills

The official Hammer Films website has been bustling with activity lately. As a long time lover of Hammer films, it’s been nice to see the site alive and kicking again. You can also find Hammer news at their new Myspace page. Hammer has recently announced the release of lots of new official merchandise such as a nice looking t-shirt line available from as well … Continue reading Hammer Thrills & Chills