Springtime has arrived in California and do you know what that means? BUGS! During the past week I’ve battled a couple of spiders in my kitchen, wrangled with a beetle that invaded my bathroom and took up arms against a small army of moths raiding my closet. These creepy critters seem to be everywhere so it seemed like a good time to revisit one of … Continue reading WHEN INSECTS ATTACK: GENOCIDE (1968)

It’s Lovecraft Season!

Like many horror aficionados, I enjoy reading horror fiction as well as watching horror movies. And as summer makes way for autumn I’ve been indulging in a bit of both. Much like my fellow Morlock Richard Harland Smith, I eagerly await this time of year. It gives me an excuse to spend my free time focused on all things spooky and scary so that’s what I … Continue reading It’s Lovecraft Season!

Geneviève Bujold is ISABEL (1968)

Paul Almond’s ISABEL (1968) begins with a train journey across a snow-covered landscape. We watch as the film’s star, Geneviève Bujold, sits awkwardly in her seat and squirms uncomfortably in front of the camera’s unrelenting eye. She is biding her time by shuffling through a small stack of books and papers in an effort to fend off unpleasant thoughts and feelings. You see, Isabel is a woman … Continue reading Geneviève Bujold is ISABEL (1968)


In the 1960s anthology (also known as omnibus or portmanteau) films became extremely popular and were attractive to producers who wanted to appeal to a broad range of viewers. The segmented format also encouraged audiences to make multiple trips to the concession stand, which pleased theater owners. Sex comedies were particularly trendy but the most successful anthologies appealed to horror fans. In America, Roger Corman … Continue reading DUELING DELONS: SPIRITS OF THE DEAD (1968)

April & May at The Movie Morlocks

Highlights from my April & May contributions to TCM’s Movie Morlocks. You can read all the articles by following the links below: – Happy Birthday Doris! Excerpt: “The legacy of this vivacious movie star, popular vocalist, television personality and animal rights advocate is truly unparalleled. And knowing Doris Day’s is still here with us doing good work that benefits us all is something worth celebrating!” … Continue reading April & May at The Movie Morlocks

Young Americans (1967)

The Young Americans (1967) From my latest piece at the Movie Morlocks … “In 1968 five documentary films were nominated for an Oscar but you’d never know that from looking at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences website. The site claims to feature a complete list of all the Oscar nominees and winners, but on the official web page for the 41st Oscar … Continue reading Young Americans (1967)

Blake Edwards and THE PARTY (1968)

Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet in The Party (1968) I recently wrote a piece about The Party (1968) for the newest issue of Screening the Past that you can read online. Issue #30 of Screening the Past is a tribute to the late director Blake Edwards and The Party is my favorite Edwards’ film. I really enjoyed delving into the movie again and discussing the … Continue reading Blake Edwards and THE PARTY (1968)

Do You Sleep In The Nude?

In the summer of 1968 film critic and renowned gossip Rex Reed published his best selling book Do You Sleep in the Nude? The title came from an unusual question that Reed had supposedly directed at actress Ava Gardner during a notorious interview he conducted for Esquire Magazine. That same year Trudy Owett of New York Magazine decided to ask six young up-and-coming actresses the same question. Jenny O’Hara, Shelley Plimpton, Gayle Hunnicutt, Ali MacGraw, Jane Merrow and Lauren Hutton offer their responses in the comic book inspired photo story (and nightwear ad) below.

Continue reading “Do You Sleep In The Nude?”

“She is a happening all to herself.”

The October 1968 issue of ABC Film Review features a great piece by Philip Bradford about the making of Jack Cardiff’s Girl On A Motorcycle. In the article the movie’s two stars (Marianne Faithfull and Alain Delon) briefly discuss what it was like to work with one another on the film. I thought it would be fun to share their quotes here along with some … Continue reading “She is a happening all to herself.”