Forget the Oscars – Visit Hallucination Strip (1975) Instead!

While everyone was watching the Oscars I discovered a new favorite film, Hallucination Strip aka Roma drogata: la polizia non può intervenire (dir. Lucio Marcaccini, 1975). I’ve been wanting to see this forever but I just never got around to it until now.

Ignore the negative reviews. I suspect they’re all written by very square straight-edge conservatives. This is a psychedelic masterpiece!

* One star for Bud Cort ❤️, his big blue eyes & 1970s wardrobe.
* Two stars for the film’s radical politics.
* Three stars for Alberto Verrecchia’s incredible soundtrack.
* Four stars for the groovy hallucinatory party visuals.
* A bonus 1/2 star because this was the director’s first and last feature film. He died 5 short years after it was released.

Despite looking like it was produced in 1967 instead of 1975, it makes most modern-day films seem incredibly dull, prudish, reactionary, and utterly conventional. I loved every minute of it.

Free to stream on Kanopy.