Celebrate Pride Month with Cinema

An update to my original LGBT+ Pride Month post first published in 2015 that you can find here.

As a film journalist, I have often tried to focus my attention on underappreciated films, unsung actors and lesser-known directors. Unsurprisingly, this has led me to write about a number of LGBT+ films and television programs as well as LGBT+ filmmakers and actors. So in celebration of Pride month, I’ve collected links to the film writing I’ve done under the loosely defined banner of “Gay Interest” to share in one post. I hope it will encourage readers to seek out the films that I’ve spotlighted and lead to a broader appreciation of them. I also hope these articles shine some much-needed light on various LGBT+ artists and their contributions to our shared cinema history.

Some pieces were originally posted here at Cinebeats and others are still hosted on the Turner Classic Movies/FilmStruck blog but will eventually be shared here. I wrote these articles between 2007-2017 and they’re listed in order of their publication date.

James Fox – Subverting Sexual Identity & Social Class in British Cinema (2007)
At Home With Dirk Bogarde (2007)
Massimo Dallamano’s Dorian Gray (2007)
Kerwin Mathews (1926-2007) (2007)
Introducing Jason King (2007)
The Decadent World of the Black Lizard (2008)
David Bowie is The Image (1967) (2008)
A Few Thoughts About Anthony Perkins (2008)
10 Questions with Shane Briant (2009)
Modern Mondays: Love Songs (2007) (2009)
Spend Your Day With Dirk Bogarde (2009)
The Fool Killer (1965) (2009)
Modern Mondays: Gus Van Sant’s “Death Trilogy” 2002-2005 (2009)
35 Years of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (2010)
Seduced by Pierre Clementi (2011)
In Search of Sascha Brastoff (2011)
Velvet Goldmine: Celluloid Pictures of Living (2011)
Remember My Name (1976) (2011)
The House That Screamed… “Murder!” (2011)
Derek Jarman: An Appreciation (2011)
A Light That Never Went Out: The MTV Legacy of Derek Jarman (2011)
Radical Shakespeare: The Alchemy of Derek Jarman’s “The Tempest” (2011)
Unman, Wittering, and Zigo (1971) (2011)
Girls Will Be Boys (2012)
“A film is a petrified fountain of thought.” – Jean Cocteau (2012)
Dirk Bogarde – The Reluctant International Man of Mystery (2012)
Summer Reading – including a brief look at Tab Hunter’s autobiography (2012)
Telefilm Time Machine: That Certain Summer (1972) (2013)
In the Trenches with James Whale (2013)
Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be? (2013)
Telefilm Time Machine – Frankenstein: The True Story (1973) (2013)
Fatal Charm: Cast a Dark Shadow (1955) (2015)
Out of the Closet: Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) (2016)
Offbeat Otto: Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970) (2016)
Equal Shares for All: The League of Gentlemen (1960) (2017)
Animal Passions: Cat People (1942) (2017)
Spies Among Us: Another Country (1984) (2017)