A Look Back & What’s Ahead in 2019

This month marks what would have been my 9-year anniversary working with Turner Classic Movies but after much thought & consideration, I decided to end my working relationship with them. Although the Movie Morlocks blog has been shuttered, I occasionally wrote for the TCM.com website and created promotional materials for the TCM Wine Club but with the demise of their streaming service (FilmStruck) those opportunities have declined and in all honesty, my own passion and interest in film journalism has begun to wane in the past few years.

There are many reasons for this which I don’t want to get into but the business of film journalism has vastly changed, for better and worse, since I began regularly writing about cinema at Cinebeats in 2006. I also miss the process of exploration and discovery while championing relatively unknown films and filmmakers which I regularly did with gusto early on. During the last few years, much of my film writing was edited by TCM and I had very little creative control over the subjects I was asked to write about. Despite my complaints, there were benefits to this. As a result, I was allowed to focus more on the writing itself but research and discovery is what really excites me about film writing along with shining a light on films and filmmakers that are neglected and overlooked. 

This fondness for discovery and exploration is why I created Cinebeats to begin with. I didn’t start writing about cinema because I wanted to be a film journalist or admired critics. In fact, the opposite was often true. I was actually rebelling against standards and norms. I wanted to kick down doors and celebrate the forgotten and forlorn. In 2006 when I launched Cinebeats the World Wide Web was a vast wasteland when it came to subjects like 1960s-1970s Japanese and British cinema, two topics nearest and dearest to my heart, so I focused much of my attention and energy on those themes and I’m proud of the research-based and fan-focused work I did to help change that.

Working with TCM allowed me to share my lifelong love for classic film with a larger audience and I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. I also got to work with some great writers who I now call friends, particularly Richard Harland Smith who I fondly refer to as “Sensei” behind closed doors.

I’m planning to take a much-needed break from film journalism in 2019 and focus on other things such as creative writing, art and giving some much-needed TLC to my old homestead (including my neglected shelter blog @ https://midcenturyliving.wordpress.com/) but I’ll continue to update Cinebeats regularly since I’m in the progress of uploading hundreds of articles I wrote for TCM.com during the past 9 years.

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