The Movie Morlocks Are Coming to a TV Near You!


This evening starting at 5PM PST/8PM EST the fine folks who run Turner Classic Movies will be handing over their programming schedule to the Movie Morlock Bloggers. Four of my compadres will be guest programmers on TCM and cohost a batch of great movies for your viewing enjoyment along with Robert Osborne.

Films on the schedule include:

THE LOCKET (1946) – A moody film noir featuring Robert Mitchum selected by Suzi Doll

DRACULA’S DAUGHTER (1936) – One of my favorite Universal horror films from the ’30s selected by my longtime cohort & all around groovy guy Richard H. Smith

TOUCHEZ PAS AU GRISBI (1954) – A stylish low-key French crime thriller starring Jean Gabin selected by Moira Neylon

FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH (aka Quatermass and the Pit; 1967) – One of Hammer’s most unusual sci-fi thrillers featuring my favorite Hammer glamour girl, Barbara Shelley selected by Pablo Kjoiseth

I hope all my regular readers – and anyone who supports The Movie Morlocks and what we do over there – will tune in. I’m proud to be part of a team of such diverse and talented writers who share their combined experience, passion, knowledge and love for classic as well as modern movies with you all week after week. If you haven’t seen all the films on the schedule you’re in for a real treat! I’m unfamiliar with THE LOCKET myself so I’m particularly eager to catch up with it and I know it’s going to be great because Suzi wouldn’t point me in the wrong direction. Be there or be square! The choice is yours but I hope you’ll join us.

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November at the Movie Morlocks

Apologies for neglecting Cinebeats for a month but I’ve been preoccupied with other things. I took some much needed vacations in late October and November to spend time with family and in the meantime I’ve just been too busy to update the blog. I don’t see things changing much in December due to the holidays and other commitments but I’ll try to make a few more updates next month. In the meantime here are some links to my recent posts at TCM’s Movie Morlocks blog in case you missed them.

“It’s my blood. I gave it to you.”: A few thoughts about the state of modern horror films along with my take on the independent British/Romanian vampire film STRIGOI (2009).

Ralph Nelson’s DUEL AT DIABLO (1966): A look at Anderson’s undervalued western DUEL AT DIABLO featuring a very young and very handsome Sidney Poitier in one of his signature roles.

Art Meets Artifice in Shohei Imamura’s A MAN VANISHES (1967): Icarus Films recently premiered Shohei Imamura’s 1967 film A MAN VANISHES in New York and a DVD release is planned for the future. I got the opportunity to view the film before the premiere and shared my thoughts about it at the Movie Morlocks.

Spy Games: James Bond is back in SKYFALL (2012): I’ve been looking forward to seeing SKYFALL all year and the film didn’t disappoint. In my latest installment of Spy Games I explain why the film worked for me and explore how Daniel Craig has reshaped the character of James Bond.

Yul Brynner, Photographer Extraordinaire: We all know that Yul Brynner was an accomplished actor but did you also know that he was a talented photographer who enjoyed snapping pictures of his famous friends? I gathered together some of his best photographs and briefly discussed his photography background in this piece that’s light on words and full of eye-candy.