Tom Chantrell is one of my favorite movie poster artists and October seemed like the perfect month to spotlight some of his work at the Movie Morlocks. Here’s brief introduction to the man and his work from a recent blog post:

Throughout Hammer studio’s long reign as Britain’s most infamous purveyor of horror films, Tom Chantrell became their unrecognized ambassador of goodwill. Chantrell was a talented artist who created some of world’s most memorable movie posters but his main body of work was done in association with the “studio that dripped blood.” Chantrell’s use of bright colors and bold type along with his use of dramatic framing and action oriented poses helped define the look of Hammer films. His true gift was his ability to breathe life into a movie before audiences had a chance to see it on screen. Frightening monsters and busty beauties became his forté and during the 1960s and 1970s Chantrell’s name was synonymous with nightmares.

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Tom Chantrell – Illustrator of Nightmares @ TCM’s Movie Morlocks