Discovering New Territory in Southeast Asian Cinema

One of my favorite film blogs is Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee run by Peter Nellhaus who spends a lot of his time writing about Asian films. While I appreciate the diversity of his writing I find his focus on Asian cinema particularly appealing. Peter has recently contributed to an interesting book about the rich history of Southeast Asian Cinema simply called Southeast Asian Cinema that I reviewed at the Movie Morlocks last week. Here’s a brief blurb from my review:

Southeast Asian cinema is an area I’m not all that familiar with. I’ve only seen a small number of movies made in that region of the world and almost all of them have been horror films or unusual exploitation movies with limited appeal. This is partially due to the fact that horror is my favorite film genre and usually the first avenue I explore when I’m curious about a specific country’s cinematic output. But the restricted availability of Southeast Asian films combined with scant information about the movies being made there has also dictated what I’ve chosen to watch. Thankfully the various barriers that have limited my own appreciation of Southeast Asian cinema are slowly shifting as more and more films from the area are released in the US.

At the cusp of this sea change comes a welcome new book and accompanying DVD published by Asiexpo simply titled Southeast Asian Cinema. This bilingual book featuring both English and French text promises to shine some much needed light on the film history of the region as well as the people who make the movies and the numerous obstacles they face while attempting to reach a wider audience.

You’ll find the rest of my review at the Movie Morlocks.
Discovering New Territory in Southeast Asian Cinema @ TCM’s Movie Morlocks