Dirk Bogarde – The Reluctant International Man of Mystery

In my latest installment of Spy Games for the Movie Morlocks I discuss the spy spoofs and espionage thrillers starring one of my favorite actors, the gifted and gorgeous Dirk Bogarde. Regular Cinebeats readers know how much I admire this man but it was fun to share my enthusiasm for Bogarde at the Morlocks by focusing on his reluctant roles in a handful of spy films. I’ve always thought Bogarde could have made an interesting Bond as described by Ian Fleming. Fleming’s original Bond had a “slim build” and spent most of his time behind a desk. Here’s a description of 007 borrowed from From Russia With Love:

“It was a dark, clean-cut face (snip) … The eyes were wide and level under straight, rather long black brows. The hair was black, parted on the left, and carelessly brushed so that a thick black comma fell down over the right eyebrow. The longish straight nose ran down to a short upper lip below which was a wide and finely drawn but cruel mouth. The line of jaw was straight and firm. A section of dark suit, white shirt and black knitted tie completed the picture.”

But enough about Bond… Bogarde made his own mark in the spy genre by appearing as the hero and villain in some great films including MODESTY BLAISE, SEBASTIAN and THE SERPENT. To read more about Bogarde’s contributions to the spy game make your way over to TCM’s Movie Morlocks blog.
Spy Games: Dirk Bogarde – The Reluctant International Man of Mystery