From my latest post at the Movie Morlocks

“My favorite moment of this year’s Oscar telecast occurred when a sprightly 82-year-old Christopher Plummer took the stage in a beautiful velvet suit to accept his Best Supporting Actor award. He was incredibly gracious and gave one of the best speeches of the night. It was obvious that the Canadian actor hadn’t lost any of the charm that has made him so appealing to audiences throughout his long and impressive career.

In celebration of his Oscar winning performance in BEGINNERS (2010) I thought I’d take a look back at the actor’s early career in front of the camera and share a short list of viewing recommendations. I hope it might encourage some readers to seek out or revisit the films that helped make Christopher Plummer a star. All of the movies mentioned below are available on DVD or video so they should be easy to track down.”

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On a side note – My husband, his friends and my brother-in-law worked as extras in a few films shot in the Bay Area duirng the early ’90s. One of the films he appeared in was STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY (1991) with Christopher Plummer. He played one of the nameless and faceless “Prisoners of Rura Penthe” seen briefly in the following clip…