I recently had the opportunity to watch the often forgotten and neglected horror anthology THREE CASES OF MURDER (1955), which features Orson Welles in a segment titled Lord Mountdrago. It’s assumed that he directed some of the dream sequences in the film but after finally seeing it for myself I’m convinced that he had a much bigger hand in the making of the movie than he’s been credited for. It’s an interesting companion piece to CITIZEN KANE because the character of Lord Mountdrago resembles Charles Foster Kane and the direction is often very Wellesian. It’s a bold claim but I stand behind it and I’d like to delve deeper into the topic in the future when time allows. My flimsy blog post at the Movie Morlocks this week (cobbled together very quickly) doesn’t do the film or Welles much justice but I do point out Welles’ apparent interest in the fantastique at this point in his life. He was trying to make OTHELLO while he was in the UK but he found himself making and acting in a few supernatural tales as well including the Irish Ghost story RETURN TO GLENNASCAUL, which I’ve discussed before. Hope to share more on this topic sooner or later in the meantime follow the link below to read more about THREE CASES OF MURDER.
Three Cases of Murder and One Uncredited Director @ TCM’s Movie Morlocks