Spellbinding Songs


During the month of October I’ll be sharing Halloween inspired music mixes that you can stream online at 8tracks. My first offering was called “Frankenstein-A-Go-Go” and this time I’m sharing a 12 song mix called “Spellbinding Songs” featuring songs recorded between 1955-1968 about witches and that old black magic that they weave so well. Enjoy!

Track Listing:
Eartha Kitt – I’d Rather Be Burned As a Witch (1959)
Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft (1957)
Sammy Davis Jr. – That Old Black Magic (1955)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You (1956)
David Seville w/The Chipmunks – Witch Doctor (1958)
Dave Gardner – Mad Witch (1957)
The Johnson Brothers – Casting My Spell (1959)
Elvis Presley – Witchcraft (1963)
Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch (1958)
Donovan – Season of the Witch (1966)
Fleetwood Mac – Black Magic Woman (1968)
The Rattles – The Witch (1968)