A Retro Night Gallery

Vincent Price by SHAG
“Vincent Price”

One of my favorite working artists is SHAG (aka Josh Agle) and he’s created some wonderful retro style pieces inspired by various movies over the years. A lot of his best work takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to horror and sci-fi films so I thought I’d share some of my favorite SHAG pieces during the Countdown to Halloween. Please visit SHAG’s official site for more info about the artist and his work @ SHAG. I’ve also included links to a couple of other artists doing retro-style artwork inspired by horror films that should appeal to SHAG fans at the end of this post.
The Hitcher by SHAG
“The Hitcher”
The Human Fly by SHAG
“The Human Fly”
The Drunken Cleric by SHAG
“The Cleric”
SHAG Collage
Top: “The Impatient One” & “Morbid Cat”
Middle: “The Object of My Dismay” & “Maiden Of The Moon”
Bottom: “Thirsty Like the Wolf” & “Sad Executioner”

Watson And The Shark #1 by SHAG
“Watson and the Shark”
Faster Pussycat Kill! KIll! by SHAG
“Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!”
Le Moineau by SHAG
“Le Moineau”

If you like SHAG’s work I highly recommend visiting these other sites:
Doo Wacka Doodles with artwork by Belle Dee.
The Art of Stephanie Buscema with artwork by Stephanie Buscema.
Both artists are participating in the Countdown to Halloween. They’re also selling prints of their work & original art so don’t forget to take a look at their online shops!