Top: Colin Clive and Orson Welles
Bottom: George C. Scott and Michael Fassbender

First I want to apologize for the lack of original content lately. I haven’t been feeling well and my computer’s been acting up so I’ve been neglecting Cinebeats. Hope to post a few more updates soon.

In the meantime I recently watched the latest film adaptation of Jane Eyre (Cary Fukunaga; 2011) starring Michael Fassbender who is becoming a household name. It’s been fascinating and fun to watch him go from obscurity to super stardom so quickly. I can still remember doing a Google search for Fassbender’s name after seeing Hunger (Steve McQueen; 2008) and finding next to nothing about him online. What a difference a few years has made! He deserves all the recognition he gets but he seems to be taking any and every role that comes his way. Hope he gets a bit more selective soon. I enjoyed Michael Fassbender’s performance as Rochester, the brooding romantic hero of Jane Eyre, but he didn’t seem particularly invested in the part. It’s a beautiful production though and well worth your time. After watching Fassbender’s interpretation of Rochester I started thinking about all the other actors that have portrayed the character over the years. I decided to compile a little collection of clips featuring some of the most notable actors who have played Jane Eyre’s love interest for the Movie Morlocks this week. As always, follow the link if you’d like to read more.

The Many Faces of Rochester – Jane Eyre’s Romantic Hero @ TCM’s Classic Movie Blog