Seth Holt’s DANGER ROUTE (1967)

Danger Route (1967)
Top: Richard Johnson and Carol Lynley
Bottom: Barbara Bouchet and Diana Dors

After hearing the news about John Walker’s death recently I started thinking a lot about ’60s spy films and I got the urge to watch Deadlier Than the Male (1967) again. Afterward I started obsessing over the male lead, Richard Johnson.

Danger Route (1967)I’ve always liked Richard Johnson but I often forget about how many terrific movies he’s appeared in. It’s easy to take him for granted. After turning down the role of James Bond, Johnson was never offered the kind of career defining roles that could have made him a bigger star like Sean Connery. But while I was looking over his filmography I was reminded of what a fascinating career Johnson’s had. He appeared in a lot of great films besides Deadlier Than the Male and its sequel, Some Girls Do (1969) including The Haunting (1963), The Pumpkin Eater (1964), Operation Crossbow (1965), La strega in amore (1966), The Night Child (1975), Hennessy (1975), The Comeback (1978) and Zombie (1979) just to name a few. In some ways Richard Johnson’s filmography is richer and more interesting than Sean Connery’s.

Over at the Movie Morlocks I decided to share some thoughts about Johnson and his starring role in Seth Holt’s Danger Route (1967), which is currently streaming at Netflix. It’s a thoughtful low-budget spy film produced by Amicus with a terrific cast that includes Carol Lynley, Diana Dors and Barbara Bouchet. Please follow the link to read more about Danger Route.
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