In Search of Sascha Brastoff

Sascha Brastoff
Sascha Brastoff as Carmen Miranda in Winged Victory (1944)

From my latest post at the Movie Morlocks

“I love to explore local antique shops and visit flea markets when I’m not watching movies. As a new homeowner I’m always on the lookout for good deals on vintage furniture and as a collector I enjoy hunting for unusual things that happen to catch my eye. I have a tendency to gravitate towards mid-century design and one of the more unusual artists I’ve become interested in lately is Sascha Brastoff (1918-1993). Brastoff is probably best remembered as an accomplished ceramic artist who designed beautiful house wares. But I recently discovered that Brastoff also worked in Hollywood as a designer and many Hollywood stars collected his creations. The story of Brastoff’s life is fascinating and I thought it might interest other classic film fans so I decided to share what I’ve learned during my search for Sascha Brastoff.”

Brastoff was an amazing artist who went from being a Carmen Miranda impersonator to designing costumes for 20th Century Fox. If you’d like to know more about Sascha Brastoff please stop by the Movie Morlocks and check out my latest post there.
In Search of Sascha Brastoff @ TCM’s Classic Movie Blog