Michael Sarrazin 1940-2011

There’s been a lot of surprising celebrity deaths in the last six months and frankly it’s become a bit overwhelming trying to keep track of them all. We’re only 4 months into 2011 and we’ve already lost John Barry, Tura Satana, Anne Francis, Susannah York, Peter Yates, Jane Russell, Farley Granger, Michael Gough, Sidney Lumet and Dame Elizabeth Taylor just to name a few. On April 17th actor Michael Sarrazin passed away and I decided to write a little bit about some of my favorite Sarrazin films for the Movie Morlocks this week. Sarrazin appeared in a batch of films made during the late ’60s and early ’70s that I’ve always enjoyed but they’ve often been overlooked and largely forgotten. Sarrazin never received the acclaim that many of his contemporaries did but he was a popular and promising young actor who seemed to fade from the public eye in the ’80s.
Michael Sarrazin 1940-2011 @ TCM’s Classic Movie Blog