Goodbye Goddess: Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011


I was crushed when I learned that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away today due to heart failure. Like many people who write about movies I’m often asked who my favorite actress is and I almost always answer with Elizabeth Taylor because I adore her and her name is easily recognizable. When I added the image of her and David Bowie to my blog’s sidebar a few years ago it wasn’t a careless gesture. A lot of thought went to it because I thought the image was a wonderful tribute to the two things that make Cinebeats’ tick – movies and music. Taylor was a goddess among women. A Hollywood legend and a genuine superstar. They don’t make them like her anymore but I’m not sure that they ever did. Taylor was one of a kind. My tribute to the much missed and much loved actress can be found at the Movie Morlocks.

Goodbye Goddess: Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011 @ TCM’s Classic Movie Blog

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