Paracinema #11

Just a quick note to let readers know that I have a short piece on Tura Satana in the new issue of Paracinema #11. It’s the “Women’s Issue” coinciding with Women’s History Month and all of the content was provided by female writers. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the articles featured in issue #11:

Frankenhooker: Titular Commodification of Women
by Lisa Cunningham
Rape-Revenge Films: A Guide for the Faint-Hearted
by Chelsea Suarez
The Degrading Last Days of Laura Palmer: A Backwards Glance at Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
by Christine Hadden
Spiritual Viagra (How a Mummy in Cowboy Boots Gave Elvis a Hard-On)
by Molly Marie Griffin
Mental Illness in Horror Films: Lifting the Stigma with Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
by Andre Dumas
Plus much more…

You can purchase issues directly online from the Paracinema website.