John Barry 1933-2011

Jane Birkin and John Barry (1965)

John Barry’s a special figure here at Cinebeats. Now that he’s left this earth I can comfortably refer to him as one of the blog’s many Patron Saints. Remind me to make a list of the others some day…

Barry composed some of my favorite soundtracks and I was honored to be asked to contribute a piece on Boom (1968) when Harkit Records released Barry’s score for the film on CD. My father was a James Bond fan so I grew up dancing to his music. Born Free was a real favorite when I was a kid and when I started buying soundtracks for myself his scores where some of the first that I purchased and I think that’s probably true for a lot of film fans like fellow bloggers Greg Ferrara and Steve Saragossi. Barry’s music was accessible, exciting and often incredibly moving.

My lengthy tribute to John Barry can be found at the Movie Morlocks and if you’d like to read more about the composer’s work you can find previous pieces I’ve posted here.

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