CINE RETRO #19 Magazine.pmdI was really happy to discover a new issue of Cinema Retro in my mailbox today. The magazine is celebrating its seventh year in print and issue #19 is the first issue of 2011. It’s not easy publishing a magazine in this day and age. Printing costs are extremely high and a lot of people are doing their reading online. It seems like major newspapers and publications are folding every month so it’s great to see that film magazines like Cinema Retro, Video Watchdog, Shock Cinema, Paracinema, Cineaste and Film Comment (just to name a few) are still going strong. For decades magazines and fanzines were my main source of information about film. Publications like these were often the only place where you could find reviews of foreign films, little-seen horror movies and career overviews of unsung actors and directors. Things have changed thanks to the internet and I’m glad that information can now be shared so freely around the world but I still love flipping through my film magazines and Cinema Retro is one of my favorites.
Top: Angie Dickinson and Rod Taylor
Bottom: Max Von Sydow and Judy Geeson

In some ways Cinema Retro is a sort of sister (or cousin) publication to Cinebeats since we both try and focus on ’60s and ’70s era films. If you enjoy what you read here you’ll probably really enjoy the magazine as well. The current issue has some great articles including an in-depth interview with writer and producer William Peter Blatty discussing his experiences while making the horror classic, The Exorcist (1973). Other highlights include Steve Saragossis informative look at the career of actor Rod Taylor, interviews with lovely actress Angie Dickinson, character actor Shane Rimmer and film director Lewis Gilbert plus a lengthy overview of Clive Donner’s film Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1967), which I reviewed for TCM last year. The magazine also contains a nice batch of soundtrack, book and DVD reviews as well as a tribute to recently deceased actors and performers such as the lovely Ingrid Pitt.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the new issue of Cinema Retro head over to their website where you can purchase a subscription online.
Cinema Retro