Favorite 2010 DVDs

Oliver Reed and friends in Joseph Losey’s These Are the Damned (1963)
Part of Hammer’s Icons of Suspense DVD collection

Last year I didn’t have time to compile a lengthy list of my favorite DVDs but this year I decided to post a small selection of favorites over at the Movie Morlocks. Most of the films on my list were originally made in the ’60s or ’70s because they’re my favorite film decades but this year I branched out a bit and included some older films as well. The list is much smaller than my usual list but I hope my regular readers will find it interesting. Many of the films I mentioned haven’t been available on DVD before and some were never even released in the US. Creating a list like this gives me the opportunity to shine a light on these movies and hopefully encourage a few people to seek them out.
Some Favorite DVD Releases of 2010 @ TCM’s Classic Movie Blog

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