Looking Into the Eye of the Devil

Eye of the Devil (1966)

Eye of the Devil (1966)
Sharon Tate and David Hemmings in Eye of the Devil (1966)

Halloween is fast approaching and over at the Movie Morlocks blog we’re counting down the days with an “obscure and offbeat” horror movie blogathon. All week long my fellow Morlocks and myself have been writing about some of our favorite lessor known films and I decided to tackle J. Lee Thompson’s Eye of the Devil (1966), which also became available on DVD this week from the Warner Archives. It contains one of my favorite opening montages and it’s just a great undervalued occult thriller that deserves a wider audience. It also features some of my favorite actors including a very young and very handsome David Hemmings, the amazing Deborah Kerr, a stunning Sharon Tate and the dapper David Niven. With a cast that good you just know the film is worth a look… or two!

More images from Eye of the Devil can be found in my Flickr Gallery.

I hope to share my thoughts about one more “Bewitching Movie” before the month ends so keep an eye on Cinebeats for further updates. In the meantime I hope I’ve given my faithful readers a few good recommendations for Halloween viewing. I’ve really enjoyed the last month but I’m not really looking forward to Halloween. I wish October could last forever. Saying goodbye to my favorite month always hurts a little.

I also thought I’d mention that one of my fellow Morlocks has written about another one of my favorite “Bewitching Movies,” the incredible Night of the Demon (1957). If you haven’t had the chance to see the classic supernatural thriller yet I highly recommend giving it a look. TCM is showing Night of the Demon tomorrow (Friday, October 29th) followed by a mini Hammer film marathon featuring my favorite monster and mad doctor, Frankenstein. For more information on all the horror films being shown this Halloween weekend visit the official TCM site.

Looking Into the Eye of the Devil @ TCM’s Classic Movie Blog