Jane Fonda & Alain Delon stopped by with a cake earlier today
and helped me celebrate Cinebeats’ four year anniversary.

Another year and another day. I considered writing something thoughtful and profound about film blogging in honor of Cinebeats’ four year anniversary today but frankly I’m not in the mood to ruminate about why I do what I do and why I’ve done it for the last four years. I love to write and I also happen to love movies. I’ve been compelled to write about the movies I watch and the people who make them since I was a kid. And this is why I enjoy blogging about film. Nothing more and nothing less.

Unlike a lot of my fellow bloggers I don’t worry too much when no one comments on something I’ve written and that happens a lot lately. I often don’t have the time to reply to the people who do leave comments at Cinebeats so the quiet here suits me just fine. A lot of my fellow film bloggers are obsessed with blog hits and web traffic but I don’t pay much attention to that either. Once a month or so I’ll take a peek at my stats and I’m extremely grateful for all the people who manage to stop by Cinebeats every day even if they’re only looking for naked pictures of Alain Delon. And that happens a lot! And while I’m on the topic, who doesn’t want to look at naked pictures of Alain Delon? I honestly wouldn’t trust anyone – woman or man – who would kick a young and impossibly beautiful Alain Delon out of their bed. Just saying.

So if I don’t want to write about film blogging or join the tired chorus of voices currently bemoaning the state of film criticism online, what should I write about? I’m afraid I’ve got nothing. So instead I’ll just say a big hearty Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, comment or just found some kind of enjoyment in what I’ve shared here over the last four years. I’m grateful to you all. Cheers!

I also thought I’d show my gratitude to all those web surfers who stop by here month after month looking for some Alain Delon skin . . .